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General Information 

The historic California Theatre is a 1,718 seat auditorium built in 1928 as a vaudeville movie palace. Currently the theatre hosts a wide range of performance types including legitimate theatre, musicals, plays, symphony celebrity headliners, concerts, children theatre, ballet, recitals, fashion shows, corporate seminars, graduation exercises and naturalization ceremonies. It serves a population of 26 million people in a 30 mile radius, which includes 448,000 households with a average annual earning of $40,000 plus. The Theatre has gone through numerous renovations to upgrade both patron comfort and production capabilities.


Owner: City of San Bernardino




Phone: (909) 885-8263

Online Orders:



Joseph Henson


Allen Evenson

California Theatre of the Performing Arts
P.O Box 270 San Bernardino, California 92402-0270

Phone: (909) 885-8263



Proscenium Opening

Width -52”0” Height – 25’-0” Depth of Stage -27’-6”
(curtain line back of smoke pocket to back wall) Apron - 3’-6”


Orchestra Pit

Width -52”0”Height –5’-0”
(curtain line to pit is 11’-0”center to 7’-0”each side) Depth of orchestra pit - 5’-0”


Wurlitzer Pipe Organ
(The stage right end of the orchestra pit contains the permanent console.)

Centerline to Stage Right -35’-0” Centerline to Stage Left. -44’-0” Grid Height -60’-0”

Grid Type Wooden

Pin Rail Line sets. -40 lines
Pin Rail T-track counterweight
Pin Rail Located Stage Right (stage floor) Pin Rail. Arbor Capacity-750lbs to 1200lbsBatten. Length 55’-0”
Batten Travel Height 58’-0”
Batten Electrics 5 (hard wired )

Main Curtain. Guillotine
Main Curtain Burgundy Velour color

Legs 5 Sets Black color
Legs Width 12’-0” Height 29’-0”

Borders. 4 Sets Black color

Borders. Width 55’-0”. Height 8’-0”
Full Black Curtain Width 55’-0”. Height 29’-0” (available)
Full Black 2 Panel Curtain Width 25’-0” Height 29’-0” (available)
Full Black 2 Panel Sparkle Width 27’-0” Height 32’-9” (available)
Full Black Scrim Width 55’-0” Height 29’-0” (available)
Black Rear Project Screen Width 55’-0” Height 29’-0” (available)
White Cyc (available)
White Scrim (available)
Gold Lame (available)

Stage Floor:

Sprung wooden deck of high-density plywood with Masonite sheeting cover.

Lagging into deck: can lag into the deck, as long as it is plugged at load out


Man Lift:

Stage has one 28’0” man lift
 Ladders: 16’,12’,8’and 6 ’

Stage obstructions:

The only on-stage obstructions are bridges that run up and down stage

Width 55’-0” Width 55’-0” Width 50’-0”

Height 29’-0” Height 29’-0” Height 25’-0”

at 24’0” above the stage floor and 30’0”
from center line

stage right and stage left.


Loading onto the stage:

There is no loading dock. The loading door is located upstage left. The loading door is not stage level, it is 1’6” above the stage level. The theatre has a ramp to roll equipment up from street 6” and down 1’-6” to stage level .Loading door dimensions are 9’3” wide x 9’7” high


Dressing Rooms:

There are 12 one to two person dressing rooms 8 are downstairs and 4 upstairs located SR. There is also 2 chorus dressing room SL. There is one shower each side of the stage. Each dressing area has lights, mirrors, chairs and a sink with running water.



Electrical Service includes:
Two independent 400 amp “Company switch” hook-ups.
 These are located stage level, off stage right.

One Electrical 100 Amp service Up Stage Right One Electrical 100 Amp service Up Stage Left.

One Electrical 100 Amp service Down Stage Left for Sound with a separate ground.

House lighting system control boards

The light control room rear of the orchestra seating section and backstage stage manager station.


House lighting systems
Dimmers: 180-(168) 2.4K and (12) 6.0K Computer control: ETC Gio @5 Control Console.

ETC 48/96,

DMX Universes 7@ 512

House dimmers: located backstage, Stage Right on the 3rd floor.

Spot lights: Located rear balcony booth

3 -Lycian 1290LT (2000w xenon)


Lighting Positions on stage:

3- tree positions SR 3- tree positions SL


Lighting Inventory:

17 Rogue LED spots
15 560 Q wash LED’s
11 Elation Par Zoom LED 36 Tough Par Blizard’s LED

48 PAR Source 4 (575w)
24 Source 4 36 Degree (575w) 30 Source 4 26 Degree (575w) 12 Source 4 19 Degree (575w)
4 Leko 6X22
16 Leko 6X16
22 Leko 6X9
6 DBL Far Cycs (1K)
6 Single Far Cycs (1K)
29 Leko 6X12 (750w)
10 Beam Proj. 16” (1K)
16 Fresnels 8” (1 K)
8 -8” Barndoors
22 -6” Barndoors
6 -100’ Cables
10 -50’ Cables
20 -25’ Cables

10 15’ Cables
20 10’ Cables
40 5’ Cables
10 2’ Cables
46 Twofers


Anti-proscenium lighting positions :

2’ Box Truss 40’length with 3 lifting Motors (position to stage apron: 25’
Balcony rail position to stage apron: 45’

Box Boom position to stage apron: 35’ Box Boom position to stage apron: 35’



House Soundboard: Soundcraft VI 4 Digital board 48 channels Sound mixing position: rear of orchestra seating section
Sound mixing position to stage apron: 70’
Sound System Inventory:

Head sets: 2 channel “Clear Com”

Follow spot booth, Light booth, Sound booth



Stage Left room and Stage manager station

Meyers Line array System
20 Melodie powered speakers (10 a side) 6 Melodie powered speakers (on thrust) 2 Subwoofer cabinets (
per side)
3 Mid (per side)

Monitor Speakers:

6 JBL MRX 500’s


3 stereo Amps
OSC – CX, PLX, MX series Front of House: Microphones:
2 Shure SM 58’s
1 Shure SM 57’s
1 Shure Beta 52
1 Audio-Technica Pro37R System capacities:
40 Lines to FOH

12 Returns from FOH

3 Dry lines from FOH 4 to spot booth Monitoring mix capability from FOH



1 Backstage paging / program feed (70v system) with speakers in dressing room area (can also be routed to other locations)

1 Telex VHF hearing assist system

Equipment Use:

The Equipment list of the California Theatre is the most up to date list of working equipment. Items listed above are available to utilize by renters however all equipment listed above is subject to being out for repair, malfunction, unavailable, updated or replaced without notice.

The Presenter/Renters shall accept the full responsibility for and shall defend, indemnify and save harmless the California Theatre, the City of San Bernardino, Theatrical Arts International Foundation and its commissioners, officials, officers, employees and agents from all claims for equipment not available from this list available for its performance and agrees that any missing or necessary equipment will be the responsibility of the renter/presenter to provide at its own cost for its performance.

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