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“Red – A Taylor Swift Tribute” is a jaw dropping, faithful recreation of a live Taylor Swift concert. RED is fronted by Lauren Corzine, an amazingly talented and stunningly beautiful young vocalist and performer. Throughout her career as a singer/songwriter, Lauren was told that she looks and sounds just like Taylor Swift. Lauren decided to embrace her striking resemblance to the pop icon and founded RED. The result has been explosive. Taylor Swift fans flock to RED shows to see an authentic recreation of a live Taylor Swift show. Lauren’s on stage appearance and show leaves “Swifties” feeling like they are watching Taylor Swift herself live in concert! In fact, the LA Times recently took notice of Lauren Corzine’s incredible likeness. In 2021, LA Times writer Randall Roberts interviewed Lauren Corzine for a story that centered on Lauren’s love and commitment to the “Swiftie” community. Lauren may be a small town girl from McAllen, Texas, but she and RED are catching the eyes and ears of the world. 

RED is a four piece national touring act complete with backup dancers. At a RED show, fans are treated to an epic journey through Taylor Swift’s entire discography. The crowd sings along as RED performs songs ranging from Taylor’s self-titled debut album Taylor Swift all the way through her most recent release Evermore. Lauren Corzine has brilliantly internalized Taylor Swift’s onstage mannerisms and style, and is a ringer for the superstar.

The RED experience is magical and can only be described as pure joy for the audience. At a RED show, you will see fans dancing, singing, screaming, laughing, and even crying tears of joy. Most special to the members of RED is witnessing people from all ages, races, and backgrounds come together as one to celebrate Taylor Swift and enjoy a night of world class entertainment. We invite you to come experience RED … and dare you not to dance!

March 9, 2024 8:00 PM

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